The Discreet Charm of Erroneous Rooney

One of the better professors I had taught that there are four basic questions you want to ask about any data you look at. The most important (and probably most obvious) is: Is it accurate? A couple of weeks back, after Manchester United’s win at Liverpool, I noticed something on the shot charts that get […]

Anyone Else Starting to Think Braxton Miller Might Be Having Concussion Issues?

It might be time to start legitimately asking the above question about Ohio State’s Braxton Miller. Miller left this weekend’s game against Minnesota after his helmet made pretty forceful contact with the playing surface during the course of a tackle. It’s the second time that’s happened in his playing career. Combine that with another incident […]

MLS… Still Puny

For all the high priced and high profile talent MLS is bringing into the league, relative to the other major sports in North America (hi, Canada!), it’s still really, really tiny. The release of salaries by the MLS’ Players Union (happened last week) usually provides a good excuse to break down what the league looks […]